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    One of the most popular group in the world have a new frontman. After doctor’s orders, their frontman Brian Johnson had to stop touring. It’s been confirmed that Axl Rose is the new frontman. Sure you know who Axl Rose is, Guns ‘n’ Roses sound familiar right. Although we believe that Axl is amazing performer and vocalist, we can’t but wonder if he can fill Brian’s shoes. Anyway this is huge loss for music industry and AC/DC. There are some rumors that Brian Johnson will still be able to record singles in the studios, but won’t be able to perform live on concerts and tours due to his health, hearing problems.

    As many other AC/DC’s fans (we must admit that we are one of them too), this is really sad news. Brian Johnson apologized to his fans because they had to stop their tour. So what can we expect in the future? We believe that nothing will be the same, but Axl Rose is a great musician and he’ll prepare a lot of great fun with the rest of the band.

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    by Adam Parker

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    • Thanks for writing a real copy and not a standard lorem lpsum text. It has been fun to read a real copy on a template.

      • Thank you for the comment. We wanted to make the template more inersting by writing a real copy to each section and blog post

    • Interesting layout. Clear and nice. Good job!


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